Frequently Asked questions

Q1. Any chance of same day delivery?

A1. Yes.. Obviously at significantly extra cost. Please call us to confirm costs and we will process your order directly.

Q2. Can I only pay by credit or debit card?

A2. Paying by credit or debit card will ensure speedy delivery, however if you're happy to wait a few days for non-urgent orders we'll be happy to accept cheques or arrange credit transfers. Provided that you understand that we must have cleared funds, before the goods are shipped.

Q3. Do you buy equipment as well as sell?

A3. Yes! Helpdesk are always interested in any redundant Telecoms equipment you might have. Please email us your available lists to or fill out our online form.

Q4. Do you offer this service in any other country other than the UK?

A4. We do not offer our Telephone Line, Broadband or Mobile services outside the UK however we are able to ship equipment anywhere in the UK, to the Republic of Ireland, as well as across Europe. Additional shipping charges may incur so please contact for further details.

Q5. How do I know the system that I buy will be of good quality?

A5. We have been supplying business telephone systems & Spares for several years and ensure that all of our refurbished equipment is of perfect working order. We focus on long term partnerships and so we know if we supply anything less than we promise you may not come back. This is backed up by our no quibble 12 Months Warranty.

Q6. How quickly can we install the system?

A6. The speed of installation will depend on your physical location and not on how long it takes us to supply the hardware. We don't like to rush any installation so it is recommend that you plan a 2-4 week installation schedule from the date of agreeing your refurbished phone system to us actually installing it and ironing out any issues that you may have. We do not sign the system off until you are 100% happy that all the refurbished phone system functionality is met. In emergency situations, we have installed systems overnight, however things always go more smoothly when they are properly planned.

Q7. Is it easy to upgrade later?

A7. It is. However you should not need too upgrade or fit a new system if we've done our job properly for you. Helpdesk Communications Ltd are not about fitting inadequate systems that you will regret 6 months later.

Q8. Is there a limit on size of system?

A8. No. Refurbished phone systems can accommodate any business size and multiple locations.

Q9. Is there a minimum amount I need to spend?

A9. No. The whole idea behind Helpdesk Communications Ltd is that you no longer need to pack your shelves full of unneeded kit just to get maximum discounts. There is nothing more irritating than being forced to buy a multipack of items when you only need one. So we won't make you do that!

Q10. What about VAT and invoices?

A10. If you are purchasing items you will receive a VAT invoice from ourselves for the full amount you are paying including the delivery charges. If you are selling items, we will invoice you for the commission and send this invoice together with a cheque for remaining proceeds. You will need to let us have your invoice for 100% of the sale price, plus VAT if you are VAT registered.

Q11. What areas do refurbished phone systems cover?

A11. Refurbished phone systems are perfect for those with core telecoms needs, and will cover the areas of multiple calls, answer phone messaging, call waiting music. Rest assured that our refurbished phone systems are perfect for running core business activities at the best possible value.

Q12. What do previous customers say about their refurbished phone systems?

A12. All customers are different but our refurbished phone systems stay on location for an average of 3 years before usually being replaced with a new phone system.

Q13. What guarantee do I get?

A13. All refurbished phone systems come with a no quibble 12 month warranty. If this is not long enough for you we can look at offering a bespoke guarantee package that allows you to tailor your refurbished package.

Q14. What if I can't find what I want?

A14. Just pick the phone up and talk to us, or fill in the website form and we will find it for you.

Q15. What is a refurbished phone system?

A15. A refurbished phone system is one that has been in use on another site, and has been replaced by a new system. Our refurbished phone systems are all taken back to our Service facility and rigorously tested for their suitability to be re-sold. Once they pass our 15 point check we grade the phones depending on the overall condition and price them accordingly. Typically refurbished phone systems are all 3 years old and over, or have come from places where the offices move premises, so as you can see with the business activity that goes on there is a very good supply of refurbished phones in the market.

Q16. What service back up do I get?

A16. We offer the full service guarantee that you would get if bought a totally brand new system from us. We can add maintenance contracts to refurbished phones and look at lowering your call costs for these systems.

Q17. Will I be tied into a lengthy contract?

A17. Not at all. You can choose a contract term from 12 months to longer or buy the refurbished phone system outright the choice is yours.

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