SIP Trunks (VoIP)

SIP Trunks (VoIP)

Key Benefits?

  • Up to 40% Savings on your ISDN lines
  • Cheaper Local calls
  • Cheaper International calls
  • Free inclusive minutes
  • Easy to add lines with your growth
  • Reroute calls for flexible working
  • Retention of cherished numbers
  • Compatible with ISDN lines

What does SIP do?

The main difference between Cloud & Hosted telephone systems and SIP Trunks is:

A cloud system, or a hosted telephone system is a fully hosted telephone system that means you don't have to retain a system on your servers. It's hosted and maintained solely by a third party.

SIP trunking technology allows you to retain your own business telephone system on-site but acts as a gateway to an Internet Telephony Service Provider.

With SIP trunking, your system is installed, usually in your server room and managed on-site by your own IT staff. You are responsible for purchasing and maintaining it.

Like Cloud technology, you can connect your telephones to the phone network via the internet giving you lots of benefits and cost savings.

What sort of savings should I expect?

Using the latest SIP trunking technology, will improve your telecoms services and enhance business continuity while reducing costs.

Our customers have found that by switching to SIP technology they're realising savings of upto 40% on the equivalent of old ISDN channels. And they will include local and International call at significantly reduced costs.

Do I need a Brand New System?

No, you can migrate your existing business system over and start saving money immediately.

You'll also have the flexibility to re-route calls for remote working, retain your cherished phone numbers wherever you move to and you'll receive an automatic fraud protection service.

Is SIP Right For My Business?

Any business can benefit from SIP whether a small, local company, a large contact centre or a multi-site organisation. We'll focus on your existing communications usage as well as your future requirements to demonstrate a return on investment and how SIP can help your business.

One of SIP's biggest benefits is that it is completely scalable. So, if you're hoping to grow or you have seasonal peaks in activity you can add lines and handsets according to the level of sales with ease.

It's a truly viable option for SME's. Costs of the technology has reduced and with the savings you can make on your existing line rental and calls - it's a serious consideration for any business.

Plus, you can integrate remote and home workers easily with their own extensions and call forwarding functionality.

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