What is DDI and Why It's Great for Businesses


DDI or direct dial-in is when an organisation has a number of telephone numbers that are routed to one main switchboard number.

This enables employees to give out their own specific DDI numbers, which allows an outside caller to directly reach the desired extension, eliminating the need of a ‘middleman’ to re-direct the call.

It goes without saying that DDI is an invaluable tool in business and can present your organisation with a number of benefits. We want to help you get the most out of your telephone system, so we think it’s important to highlight why it really is great for business.

The Benefits of DDI for Businesses:


If your business runs advertisements, or have regular promotions that require people to dial in then DDI is what you should be using!

The last thing you want is to put an advert in a paper and direct the callers to your businesses mainline. This will just clog up your phone lines (depending on how desirable your promotion is), which could present problems for your regular day-to-day work, and ultimately be counter-productive.

How do you avoid this happening?

Well, with DDI, you can put a specific DDI extension on an advert. This will funnel all the callers onto a specific extension which means that only the people responding to that advert will be reaching that line, so you know exactly what they’re after even before you pick up the phone!

Remote Working

Remote working has become very popular in business. If you’ve got remote workers, or are not always working on-site then this is a great way to make your business appear as though it is a more coherent set-up.

No matter where your employees are, they don’t have to use they’re mobiles or home lines, which could make your business appear less professional. DDI makes your workers appear like they’re in the organisation at the time they’re making the call, and are able to answer on behalf of the company on the correct telephone line.

If you’d like to read more on remote working, we’ve covered this on a previous post, click here to read more. 

Saving Costs

As previously stated, DDI lessens the need for a ‘middleman’. By assigning employees with their own specific DDI’s, they can be reached directly which eliminates the need of a receptionist, or any extra staff.

Additionally, if your business runs from several locations it can really help cut the costs as this only requires to be set up and established in one location, and assign DDI numbers in the other locations from this single point.

Customer Satisfaction

If a customer is attempting to contact your business, they don’t want to spend excessive amounts of time being kept on hold, listening to automated messages, or running rings around the office from employee to employee until they reach the right person.

By this point, the customer is not going to be impressed with your service, and that’s even before they’ve fulfilled their call’s intention!

The aim is to make it as pain and hassle-free as you can for you customers!  - And that’s where DDI comes in.

You can utilise this system by assigning DDI’s to each employee, which gives customers the ability to go direct to whom they are looking to speak to specifically regarding their enquiry.

Reducing frustration, and time spent on the phone will go along way with your customers.

Voicemail is also a great way to avoid customer call frustration, we’ve covered the benefits of voicemail in business previously, click here to read this in more detail!

In short, DDI is a great way for your business to save time, money and ensure customers are effortlessly reaching the right employee’s or department by being able to go direct.  

If you want to find out more about direct dial in’s, or want to talk to someone about how to get this feature in your business today, then call us directly on 0121 344 0007. We want to help you get the most of out your telecoms systems, so we’re here to help, whatever the problem. 

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