Five Big Benefits Of Cloud Telephony For Small Businesses


Some technology is very scary and rightly so!

Some, however is extremely friendly, easy to implement and even Homer Simpson could use it.

Thankfully Cloud telephony falls in to this category if you choose the right telecoms company to help you.

What is Cloud Telephony?

A cloud system, or a hosted telephone system is a fully hosted telephone system that means you don't have to retain a system in-house, on your servers.

It can be connected to any internet point, giving your staff high-quality telephone access, whatever their location and on any device. It works perfectly for staff who work from home or on the move.

Five Big Benefits Of Cloud Telephony For Small Businesses

1. Urgent Response

From a customer experience perspective, not being able to respond quickly to your customers is a real No-No. They want immediate response whether they are an existing customer or a prospect. Making customers wait is a big contributor in losing customers. And it’s so simple to fix with a cloud system.

You see a cloud system integrates seamlessly into other business functions and customer databases allowing your staff to be extra agile and get answers for your customers very quickly.

There are also functions such as Interactive Voice Response that covers lines that are busy with other options so there is at least some engagement and message facilities.

2. Going the extra mile

Customers expect good service but to get exceedingly world class service is quite rare. Until now!

Here’s a couple of options you get with Cloud Technology to help you exceed your customers expectations:

You can offer your customers a toll-free number

Full integration with your CRM system

Call recording will improve your customer experience by listening and learning from live calls.

You can provide instant and urgent updates with voice recorded messages or SMS, to keep customers informed when required.

3. Track marketing activity

Your cloud telephony provider will help you plan your telephones and programme virtual numbers to certain lines for tracking purposes. You will be able to add different numbers to your literature and online campaigns to track which campaigns work.

The virtual number getting the most calls is obviously working and should be continued. Those not working so well should be ceased so you can spend more money on what is working.

4. You don’t need an IT team

Because you don’t need an on-site infrastructure to support your telephones anymore, you eliminate the requirement for an IT team. There’s nothing to maintain and your telecoms provider should have an engineer on call to help you out with any internet or line issues.

They’ll also take care of the hosting, upgrading and maintenance so there’s just no need for expensive technical support in-house.

5. It’s portable

All you need is the internet and with a cloud based system you have a fully functioning telephone system anywhere in the world. You are able to adapt user settings for your employees depending on what admin rights they require and you can report on all call activity regardless of their and your locations.

There is also the added benefit with some hosted PBX and VoIP providers of allowing employees to have a mobile app to access the system on their smartphone or tablet

So, Cloud-based telephone systems allow small businesses to focus on increasing sales, growing and giving their customers a World Class Experience. It is easy to use and requires very little effort to maintain.

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