Moving Office? Plan your Telecoms carefully to avoid costly mistakes!


I’m sure there are a number of reasons why you may be considering moving your office to a new location.  

Whether it is due to a sudden boom in business, a growth in employees or simply wanting a change of scenery we have come up with a set of 4 Things you should arm yourself with when taking the plunge and relocating your office.  

All businesses heavily rely on a well integrated telephone system – and we certainly don’t think that this should ever be a reason why you are putting off making the big move and upgrading your office space!

We hope these help you make your move as pain-free and stress-free as possible!

1. Site Survey

A vital part you must consider before relocating is whether or not your Telecoms system can be set up in your new space.

There’s no point in doing all the hard work of moving only to get there and find out that your systems can’t be supported at your new location.

That’ll certainly take the excitement out of the move!

Any Telecoms company worth investing in will insist on conducting a site survey – which should definitely include both your current set up as well as your new site.

Together you should formulate a plan of the office layout detailing exactly where your desks are going, where your communications room will be situated and how many telephone ports you require. - The more precise you can be the better, to save future disruption and minimize any down time during your relocation.

The engineer should walk around the new office ensuring that the new plan is feasible and if it is, will give you appropriate suggestions to future-proof your business and save costs.

For instance, the amount of cabling you might need for your plan might be reduced by a subtle amendment to your layout saving you considerable amounts of money.

2. Connectivity

A worry you may have is staying connected with your customers during the move.

This is important to any business, as we know you can’t just go AWOL and not be accessible or within reach from your customers for a few days!

There are a number of things that can help avoid this happening, that should be part of the process offered to you by your provider.

Simple steps such as diverting your incoming customer calls to your mobiles while your Telephone System is disconnected or arranging the move on a weekend should be a convenient procedure offered to you as standard by your chosen Telecoms company, as they know your business is very important to you!

Another major issue when relocating is the strength of your Broadband and communicating with BT regarding your requirements.

There’s no doubt that your Telecoms company should deal with this part of the process for you, with no reason for you to get involved at all!

Ultimately saving you spending hours on the phone to BT further reducing the stress involved with relocating!

The engineer will be able to test speeds and advise what you need for superfast connectivity and ensure that BT export your existing business numbers over to your new office.

Can’t get much more hassle free than that, can it?

3. The Process

It’s the big day!

Your current system will need to be disconnected and safely packaged ready for transport to your chosen destination. At this stage the engineer should map out exactly where everything needs to be and have all relevant hardware required to hand for the expansion.

Drawing upon all the information gathered from the site survey and any previous conversations you’ve had with your engineer, everything should be planned to allow any future growth in your company. 

It is vital that you consider the future of your business as this will amend the initial installation to ensure that when your company inevitably grows you are able to accommodate this and avoid any future unwanted Telecoms bills!   

4. Post-Installation Support

Following from your installation it is fundamentally important that your Telecoms company arrange a visit to review the system and ensure that everything is working as it should.

Reviewing your new system within a 7-day period not only ensures that any amendments can be quickly adjusted to further suit your work- if ever needed - but it also shows that you are a valued customer and they actually care whether or not everything is working for you as you imagined.

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our procedures and we do everything we possibly can to fulfil your every telecoms needs!

At Helpdesk we fully support our customers during a move and provide our customers with a free site survey to support you during the relocation of your business.

For more information please don’t hesitate in contacting one of our expert team directly on 0121 344 0007! - We guarantee you a hassle free move!

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