To Cloud or Not to Cloud?


If you’re looking to upgrade your Telephone system…

why not join the cloud today?

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the Cloud System so we’re here to clear some of this up for you and hopefully give you a better understanding of what this could mean for your business and how this could make your life a hell of a lot easier.

To put it simply, it basically refers to a service that is powered entirely over the internet.

This is particularly good news for smaller businesses, as it gives you access to a revolutionary IT infrastructure that would have otherwise only been accessible to a larger company.

This allows your business, not matter what size, to successfully implement this system which will only benefit and further enhance your company allowing you to focus on what’s really important – actually running your business!   

An Inexpensive Option

Offering minimal installation costs and absolutely no ongoing maintenance charges its no wonder why this is becoming an increasingly attractive option for every business – saving you a staggering 40% on on-going costs with cheaper line rentals, calls and maintenance.

Operating everything entirely through the internet eliminates the need of having a physical in-house system, cutting costs and creating space as it requires no on-site equipment!

It also features a no contracts, pay-as-you-go system – We can’t complain with that!

Highly Convenient  

Cloud systems are particularly useful for your business if you are based in various locations. It allows your entire team to be connected to the same system. The calls between locations are free which is always handy for any company avoiding any extra costs!

The system is largely compatible with mobile phones which significantly widens your scope as a business. It means that you are no longer confined to offices, increasing your mobility and enabling you to work from anywhere giving your business the flexibility of working remotely.

Not bad, right?

Future-proof your business!

Before heading to a Telecoms organisation it is cruicial that you do your research!

You need to make yourself aware of any future changes the company may be facing…

…Let’s take BT for example, who intend to stop selling PSTN and ISDN lines by 2020 and eventually shut them down entirely by 2025!

Whether you are you are establishing your business or simply enhancing your systems, you have to consider how these changes may effect you – even if they do sound like a long time away!

Choosing a Cloud-based system gives you complete control and allows you to protect your business from any scary or potentially harming future-movements a Telephone System provider may surprise you with.

It is also Scalable – which means it grows WITH your business! Gone is the lengthy hassle of upgrading entire systems when you could simply transfer ONCE to a Cloud Telephone System for LIFE!

For more information on the Cloud and how we could help you implement this to your business today, contact us directly on 0121 344 0007! 

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