Business Mobiles - do you need them?


Mobile phones are an ever increasing necessity to keep your business connected to your employees, customers and industry contacts. But should you be using your personal mobiles for business activity?

Switching from your personal mobile to a business mobile plan can seem like a lot of hassle but continuing to use your personal mobile can have a negative impact on your business.

Here’s the negatives of allowing personal mobiles in your business network

By allowing your employees to use their personal mobile phones as an employer you are unable to monitor how your personnel are communicating with your customers.

You need to keep your finger on the pulse so losing control of business communication is not very sensible.

It doesn’t just affect your customer relationship either, mobiles phones have an influence on the work that your employees take home with them. If they are using their personal mobiles, then it’s likely that their work- life balance is being interrupted.  

And it doesn’t end there...

…a personal number in the spotlight makes you a target for online scammers and hackers, with most personal mobile numbers having sensitive connections such as a bank account details. Using business mobiles can help you to remain protected and prevent the hacking of your personal information.

And don’t forget that people lose phones and change numbers! As a Start-Up business you’ll have to invest in business cards and marketing collateral with your phone numbers on them. Unfortunately, it won’t be your decision if an individual changes their number and your print become obsolete.

See how you lose control?

So, here’s how introducing business mobiles will help you to achieve your business goals;

Customer Service

Business mobiles advance customer service potential. Allowing customers to reach your company at any time and the ability to be flexible for them, increases trust and develops customer loyalty.


It allows you to unify your business communication by maintaining contact with employees, customers and your network- putting you in firmly in control of your staff!

Mobility and Productivity

Introducing business mobiles increases mobility and improves productivity. Employees can access office resources on the move without having to return to their office.

Cloud hosted phone system

You can use business mobiles to connect to a cloud system, it allows employees to access resources from one place supporting staff that work at home or on the move.

For more information on how you can use cloud systems click here

Work Remotely

Your employees can work remotely with business mobiles, on our previous blog Remote working- The future of UK Business’ highlights the influx of our workforce working remotely- with business mobiles being a significant tool.

Save Money

When did you last check your mobile plan? Are you getting value for money? Allowing the experts to assess your mobile plans can save your business some serious money. Telecoms professionals can work closely with you to analyse your specific usage and business needs and keep your team updated with the latest handsets.


A mobile business plan enables you to protect the private information of your employees giving them a business number that will not affect their personal information if the number is targeted by a hacker or scammer.

International Communication

Business mobiles are a cost-effective method of communicating with international clients, permitting businesses to build relationships overseas and communicate with employees on over-seas visits.

At Helpdesk we can assist you in finding the appropriate business mobile plans for you and your employees allowing you to remain connected at affordable prices. We offer a range of packages and work with the leading, most trusting suppliers to find you the best deals to suit your business requirements.

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