Remote Working - The Future of UK Business!


There’s lots of chat about the benefits of growing a remote workforce with the number of remote workers in the UK growing year on year. In a survey conducted at a Global Leadership Summit in London it was found that 34% of businesses attending stated that more than half of their staff will be working remotely by 2020!

The findings concluded that working remotely assists with improved morale and more importantly, increased productivity. As well as businesses reporting that by allowing staff to work remotely it helped them recruit better staff and improve staff retention.

On the flip side it takes a lot of planning and the communication between the workforce can suffer if you don’t provide the correct tech to support remote workers.

So, what do you need to provide to ensure that remote workers feel part of the team and are monitored correctly so they’re being 100% productive. There’s the obvious computer requirements but the telephone system is sometimes forgotten and your existing system used as a matter of course. However, there are lots of options that will help you manage and communicate with remote workers.

The huge benefits that the latest technology gives us are very powerful. It allows workers to be anywhere in the world, working at home or in the local coffee shop. The lines of communications are still robust and it can dramatically reduce your overheads. So what sort of system is best for you and your company?


Many SME’s are replacing their traditional lines with VoIP systems.

Working over the internet with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), SIP trunking connects directly to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Networks), eliminating the need for traditional phone lines, wiring and circuit boxes.

It’s great for remote workers!

The benefits

Savings and instant ROI

As a cloud-based solution, initial investment is minimal and maintenance can be carried out remotely. Put this together with international calls being charged at local rates, many businesses report an average saving of 50% per month, going up to 80% for those with a wide global reach.


SIP trunking is strong and stable. No more will multiple users lead to a system slowdown. No more will bad weather and maintenance issues end in circuit outages. The ultimate? No more will business suffer because of problems with your phone system.

Flexible and scalable

Devices can be added and removed with ease with SIP trunking. Whether your business experiences rapid growth or needs to scale up for seasonal or peak periods, SIP makes this possible.

The best platform for Remote Workers and Multi-site businesses

Advances in telecommunications are facilitating the emergence of more multi-site businesses. These sites can be physical offices in different cities or countries, or they can be remote employees working from home or out on the road.

How to use the system

  • For home workers, they just need to hit a few buttons and they are connected to the office network
  • They can have their own extension number
  • Calls within the network are free
  • An outside call will be billed to your main office so there is no need for expense claim forms

A new flexible system will give you peace of mind to allow key workers to work from home. Communication won’t suffer, in fact it will probably improve.

Any member of staff can integrate a mobile to the system and be on call when required. It allows you to offer a truly memorable service to your customers and you’ll never lose a sales call

There’s a system that will be perfect for you and here at Helpdesk we can help you decipher the jargon and show you the right system. If you’d like to have a chat about a VOIP System for your remote work force, then give us a call on 0121 344 0007.

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