Why you Need to Think BIG when Choosing a Telephone System for your Small Business


When looking for the right telephone system, scalability should be a priority. You may be a small business now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay small. One line and one handset just won’t cut it further down the line when you have more staff, more customers and more calls.

Helpdesk Communications has seen many small businesses choose a telephone system that quickly becomes too limiting as they experience rapid growth. This then incurs the cost and inconvenience of having to start from scratch.

Don’t think about the now – think about the future.

Scalable means VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has revolutionised telephone systems for businesses of all sizes. Customers expect to get answers when they need them, and VoIP allows your business to be contactable both in the office and remotely. So, whether you’re out and about at meetings or working from home, calls can still be handled as if you were sat at your desk.  

The beauty of a scalable telephone system is that it will grow as your small business grows. Adding devices is so simple with VoIP – no fuss or cost of adding in extra lines.

What part does a scalable telephone system play in your small business?

A big part!

For one, it totally changes the perception of your business. Features such as on-hold and messaging can make you appear to be a larger operation than you actually are, which instils confidence in clients.

It also means you don’t lose business when you only have a small number of staff in the early days. Clients get put on hold or directed to your messaging service. See our blog on how you sell to customers while they are on hold – Add An On-Hold Message To Your Telephone System And Get More Sales!

The benefits don’t stop here:

  • Cost –  prices are fixed per month depending on how many users you have, and there are no increased fees for calling if travelling abroad.
  • Added features – video conferencing, cloud computing and IP surveillance options are just some of the features that you could select when choosing your telephone system.
  • Maximum flexibility – a scalable system is so flexible that it can be scaled both up and down, allowing you to cater for busier periods if your business is seasonal.
  • Vitals signs and stats – get accurate data about how many calls have been received (and missed!), when your busier times are, call lengths and much more.

Upgrading to a scalable VoIP telephone system for your small business is an investment that will bring you a good return in no time at all.

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