Upgrading Your Panasonic Phone System - Why Bother?


Panasonic phone systems are so high performing, durable and user-friendly that customers often take the ‘I’m happy with what I’ve got’ approach. It’s understandable, as Helpdesk Communications sells Panasonic products for these very reasons. Our blog ‘Panasonic - a Leading Brand for Small Business Telephone Systems’ speaks about our love for this leading brand.

Upgrading may seem like more bother than it’s worth, but there are key reasons why you should consider it.

Evolution – business and technology

Your business will have evolved since you had your current telephone system installed. Technology certainly has. The IP revolution has firmly hit and more and more companies are opting for VoIP systems to benefit from better sound quality, improved connection, customisability and also the flexibility and convenience that come with hosted systems (HIPT).

The end of ISDN

BT announcing that 2025 will see the end of ISDN services means that now is the time to upgrade. Telecoms is going to move fast over the next few years, so it is better to get ahead of the game rather than be one of the last to be using out of date technology. Moving to the latest models now will mean you benefit for longer. It’s a change, but one that will last decades.

Better features

As with any upgrade, you will benefit from better features. Upgrading with Panasonic brings extra advantages though. Their systems are always one step ahead of competitors, so staying updated with them will mean that you will have one of the latest, top-of-the-range telephone systems on the market.

Let’s look at two of the very latest systems from Panasonic and just some of their features:

  • KX-NS700
    • minimum of 6 extensions as standard, increasing up to 288
    • SIP technology allows home workers the same functionality as if they were in the office
    • call centre solutions
  • KX-NSX1000
    • up to 2000 users across 32 sites
    • same extension for multiple users, meaning quicker and more efficient communication with customers
    • unified messaging
    • disaster recovery and back-up systems

And some of the new handsets:

  • KX-DT 543
    • Executive digital proprietary Phone
    • 24 Key System terminal
    • Electronic hook switch (easy use of headsets)
    • Large, clear LCD display
  • KX-NT 553
    • IP mid-range handset
    • 24 programmable keys
    • 3 line, back lit LCD display

Save money

Helpdesk customers are already reporting seeing a 40% reduction in their telecoms costs. VOiP and HIPT systems actually save money. Line rental costs and call charges are lower, multi-location site-to-site calling is free and remote maintenance means there is often no engineer call out charge to cover.

Why not take advantage of these features that come with the latest Panasonic phone systems? After all, mobile upgrades are a matter of course. You don’t hang onto your old phone just because it still works. You upgrade to get new features and functionality. There’s no reason that a company phone system should be any different.

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