How to use your Telephone System to train your staff and Boost Productivity!


In this series of blogs, we’ve been highlighting some of the major features available on a Telephone System that will help you grow your business and track some of the vital statistics to monitor your staff’s activity.

Today we’ve chosen the Call Recording function! It’s a brilliant function that will help you in various ways if it’s used properly. Mainly for managers and team leaders to use as a training aid, it’s the most effective tool in your business.

Many companies are scared to use the function because it highlights weaknesses but if you want to improve the way your staff talk to your customers and prospects, you need to master the use of Call Recording.

Call Recording does exactly what it says on the tin! It records all your incoming and outgoing calls. So, how can you benefit from recording these calls?


As a sales training aid, it’s invaluable! Your sales team have targets to hit and will be making hundreds of calls a week to prospective customers. They usually only get a couple of opportunities to close the sale. They need to be word perfect and use great closing techniques on the phone. Your sales manager will train them and by having access to their calls they can listen back and check their technique is sound.

If a salesman is selling you can use their calls as examples to the rest of the team and if someone is failing they can learn from the best.

Likewise, your customer service manager can listen to customer service calls to ensure your staff are giving your customers a great experience.

Customer disputes

By recording your calls there’ll never be any grey areas. You’ll have evidence of every conversation recorded so you can track any disputes back to the original call. This will give you peace of mind that nothing falls through the cracks.

Regulation Compliance

Some businesses must record their calls to comply with their industry codes of practice. For instance, if you collect personal information or if a monetary transaction takes place.

So, to summarise, Call Recording will help you get more sales, improve customer service, give you proof to easily resolve customer disputes and ensure your compliant if applicable.

Call Recording is very accessible now for most businesses, so, if you’d like to find out more about it, give us a call on 0121 344 0007.


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