Add An On-Hold Message To Your Telephone System And Get More Sales!


How many customers and potential customers are put on hold in your company? When you think about it I bet there’ll be a realisation that you do it quite frequently and are missing out on a big opportunity to sell to them.

It’s a perfect time to engage with them, they are a captive audience and you should be selling them something or educating them about a new service you offer.

Here’s a couple of ideas that could revolutionise your on-hold time to get more sales.

Find out how long you’ve got

Check how long your average on-hold time is. Some systems will give you the details on this, if you haven’t got this analysis then a best guess option is better than nothing. It’ll give you an idea of how long you have to get your message across to the person on hold.

If you only have 10 seconds then the message will be a lot different to if you have 1 minute. However long the period is, don’t bombard the caller with lots of things as they won’t remember it and will give up listening. Better to have one message and be concise.

Make it snappy

Write a script and read it! It might look great but it’s always different when you hear it back so get someone to read it to you. You need to get to the point of the message quickly and make it sound easy on the ear.

Make it relevant

Your message must be up to date. It needs changing frequently as people will get very bored of generic messages. Use current promotions, announcements, new products, awards and service upsells.

Think about the time of year so make it relevant to Halloween or Christmas. Plan ahead and make a calendar of messages so they are always current.

Call to Action!

Don’t be afraid to tell the caller what to do. Maybe your offer is on the website or they might need to email someone or simply ask the person who speaks to them on the call.


The use of music on the message to give it a bit of drama or funk it up a bit. Carols at Christmas and spooky themed music at Halloween!

Use humour

Messages need to be uplifting and funny. Play around with scripts, make fun of some of your staff to brighten it up a bit. It shows the human side to your business and your callers will engage with you. It helps you build a rapport with them.

So, there you have it, have some fun and get an on-hold message on your phone system.

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