How to use your Telephone System to track and improve your Company's KPI's!


There are many functions on telephone systems that enable you to report on your vital statistics and provide invaluable information to grow your business.

One of the most valuable is the Call Monitoring feature. You’ll be astounded at some of the statistics you’ll get from it and how perfect it is for tracking the productivity of your staff.

So, your customer service team, sales support department, sales team and telemarketing team can’t hide! Their workload is monitored daily and can be monitored against their KPI’s to give their managers concise information to check they’re hitting target.

The type of information that Call Monitoring will provide is:

  • Number of inbound calls and who is answering them
  • Number of outbound calls and who is making them
  • Number of calls that go to voicemail
  • Number of missed calls

There’s lots of ways this information will help your business but the main areas of interest are:

  • Do you have enough people answering the phones?
  • Have you got too many people?
  • Can you utilise resource elsewhere?
  • Are your customers getting a good experience?
  • Are your sales team and telemarketing team making enough calls?
  • Who answers the phone and who doesn’t?

To succeed in business every member of staff needs to be working to maximum efficiency and this functionality will help you. In fact, to take it to the next level you can display call activity on a monitor in your office - this will really boost productivity because the information is visible to the entire office.

If you’d like to find out more about Call Monitoring and how it will help your business give us a call for a chat on 0121 344 0007.

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