The Advantages Of Using Teleconferencing For Business


Great communication is one of the biggest factors that contributes to a business being successful. Companies are doing business with so many different countries across the world and for most, attending face-to-face meetings isn't so forgiving on the wallet thus making it a virtually impossible task. Your business needs to be flexible, and has to keep its communication up between business partners, suppliers, stakeholders and outsourced services at any situation while remaining economical and keeping to budgeting requirements.

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What is DDI and Why It's Great for Businesses


DDI or direct dial-in is when an organisation has a number of telephone numbers that are routed to one main switchboard number. This enables employees to give out their own specific DDI numbers, which allows an outside caller to directly reach the desired extension, eliminating the need of a 'middleman' to re-direct the call. It goes without saying that DDI is an invaluable tool in business and can present your organisation with a number of benefits. We want to help you get the most out of your telephone system, so we think it's important to highlight why it really is great for business.

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Which Business Telephone Line is Right for you?


The title says it all really! How do you decide which telephone line works best for your business? There are a few different varieties available, and well, if you're not so tech-savvy, all the language can get a bit overwhelming. With terminology like PSTN, VoIP, SIP, ISDN, IP-PBX regularly being thrown around, there's really no wonder why we're all feeling a bit lost! So, to help, we've come up with an easy-to-digest break down of the different types available, which will hopefully give you all the information that you need to know in the business telephone line world.

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How To Use Voicemail In Your Business


We use voicemails in our everyday lives, but why is it not being more commonly used in your businesses? Because you have a receptionist or PA to handle incoming calls and that's just their job. Or you don't think that you're big enough an don't get many calls. Well, we'd like you to redefine the norm and think about how useful it'll be to use voicemail! So, if you're looking at ways to further optimise your telephone system, we've got a few tips on how voicemail will benefit you regardless of your situation.

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Improve Your Customer Service By Unlocking The True Value Of Call Recording!


Do you record your telephone calls? If you don't, it's worth thinking about starting! if you do, that's great, do you use the recordings and what for? There's no wrong answer here! But what we usually hear is 'for training purposes'. And yes, while we agree, it's essential for training staff, is that really all you can do with it? Call recording has become such a useful tool for many businesses, but we really don't think it's being used to its full potential!

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GDPR: What does it mean for Call Recording?


Call Recording has long been established in business telephone systems. Recording calls within your business is crucial and brings many benefits, for your staff and your customers. Delivering World Class Customer service is how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and in order to achieve an exemplary service, call recording is a must! It's used to monitor your calls and review the performance of your staff. The files are saved on the system, and can be accessed whenever is needed for training.

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6 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Your Telephone System To The Cloud!


By now, I'm sure you're aware of BT officially terminating your ISDN/Digital phone lines... The decision to switch off ISDN services and migrate all their customers to the IP network by 2025 is imminent, but what does that mean for your business and how do you make the change?

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This weather is snow joke!


Like children waiting eagerly by the radio to check if their school is closed, we all jumped up to the window this morning and weighed up whether or not we'd make it into work. This week we've been experiencing the coldest weather of this year yet, and with temperatures feeling as cold as -13 degrees today in Birmingham we can't be blamed for not wanting to leave the house!

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Five Big Benefits Of Cloud Telephony For Small Businesses


Some technology is very scary and rightly so! Some, however is extremely friendly, easy to implement and even Homer Simpson could use it. Thankfully Cloud telephony falls in to this category if you choose the right telecoms company to help you. Learn more about how Cloud telephony will help your business grow...

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Moving Office? Plan your Telecoms carefully to avoid costly mistakes!


I'm sure there are a number of reasons why you may be considering moving your office to a new location. Whether it is due to a sudden boom in business, a growth in employees or simply wanting a change of scenery we have come up with a set of 4 Things you should arm yourself with when taking the plunge and relocating your office.

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud?


If you're looking to upgrade your Telephone system - why not join the cloud today? There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the Cloud System so we're here to clear some of this up for you and hopefully give you a better understanding of what this could mean for your business and how this could make your life a hell of a lot easier.

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Business Mobiles - do you need them?


Mobile phones are an ever increasing necessity to keep your business connected to your employees, customers and industry contacts. But should you be using your personal mobiles for business activity? Switching from your personal mobile to a business mobile plan can seem like a lot of hassle but continuing to use your personal mobile can have a negative impact on your business. Click below to find out why...

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Remote Working - The Future of UK Business!


There's lots of chat about the benefits of growing a remote workforce with the number of remote workers in the UK growing year on year. In a survey conducted at a Global Leadership Summit in London it was found that 34% of businesses attending stated that more than half of their staff will be working remotely by 2020! Click below to find out more about how you can benefit from remote working and how integral your telephone system can be...

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Save Money With Refurbished Telephones And Do Your Bit For The Environment!


There's many options available to you when it comes to adding new telephones and parts to your existing office telephone system. And we're going back to our roots for this post - our business started buying surplus telephones, refurbing them to their original state and selling them on at affordable prices. Click the green button to find out the Two BIG reasons why it's still a thriving part or our business...

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Why You Need a Dedicated Telephone Engineer to Call On


A working telecommunications system is everything to your business. Without it, you will start to lose customers - fast. Very simply, this is why you need a dedicated and qualified telephone engineer that you can call on. Helpdesk Communications has a team of highly qualified and experienced telephone engineers, who pride themselves on providing outstanding levels of service to all of our customers. Read more about what they can do for you...

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The Benefits of SIP Trunking


As the world dives into cloud-based communication systems, more and more businesses are leaving traditional analogue phone lines behind and switching to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Working over the internet with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), SIP trunking connects directly to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Networks), eliminating the need for traditional phone lines, wiring and circuit boxes. Here's the benefits...

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Why you Need to Think BIG when Choosing a Telephone System for your Small Business


When looking for the right telephone system, scalability should be a priority. You may be a small business now, but that doesn't mean you'll stay small. One line and one handset just won't cut it further down the line when you have more staff, more customers and more calls. Don't think about the now - think about the future...

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Why You Should Explore The Latest Range Of Panasonic Phone Systems And Handsets!


We've written a couple of Blogs now on Panasonic systems and handsets - we're a big advocate of Panasonic! We love their reliability and flexibility. We've been asked to delve a bit deeper into some of their products. So, the third article in our Panasonic series is all about exploring their latest range of phone systems and handsets.

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Upgrading Your Panasonic Phone System - Why Bother?


Panasonic phone systems are so high performing, durable and user-friendly that customers often take the 'I'm happy with what I've got' approach. It's understandable, as Helpdesk Communications sells Panasonic products for these very reasons. Our blog 'Panasonic - a Leading Brand for Small Business Telephone Systems' speaks about our love for this leading brand. Upgrading may seem like more bother than it's worth, but there are key reasons why you should consider it...

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Panasonic - a Leading Brand for Small Business Telephone Systems


Panasonic - a brand known throughout businesses and households worldwide. Established in 1918, the Japanese company has been bringing products of exceptional quality to the market for over a century. For the past 30 years, they have been the market leaders in the telecoms industry. At Helpdesk Communications, Panasonic is one of our chosen brand names to turn to when recommending telecoms systems for small businesses.

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The Huge Benefits of Updating Your Telecommunications


Telecommunications isn?t a new concept. It dates all the way back to 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. However, it is ever-evolving with new options coming to the market all the time. Keeping up-to-date with these changes and implementing them into your company is of huge benefit to both your workforce and your customers. Click the button to find out what they are...

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How to use your Telephone System to train your staff and Boost Productivity!


In this series of blogs, we've been highlighting some of the major features available on a Telephone System that will help you grow your business and track some of the vital statistics to monitor your staff's activity. Today we've chosen the Call Recording function! It's a brilliant function that will help you in various ways if it's used properly. Mainly for managers and team leaders to use as a training aid, it's the most effective tool in your business.

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Add An On-Hold Message To Your Telephone System And Get More Sales!


How many customers and potential customers are put on hold in your company? When you think about it I bet you will realise that you do it quite frequently and are missing out on a big opportunity to sell to them. It's a perfect time to engage with them, they are a captive audience and you should be selling them something or educating them about a new service you offer.

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How to use your Telephone System to track and improve your Company's KPI's!


There are many functions on telephone systems that enable you to report on your vital statistics and provide invaluable information to grow your business. One of the most valuable is the Call Monitoring feature. You'll be astounded at some of the statistics you'll get from it and how perfect it is for tracking the productivity of your staff.

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BT have officially announced that they're terminating your ISDN/Digital phone lines - how will it impact your business?


BT have decided to switch off ISDN services and are migrating all their customers to the IP network by 2025! That's Ok, 2025 is ages away and surely BT will sort it by then? Well, our advice to you is, start thinking about the switch over now because time flies and the rumours are that BT's service standards to ISDN customers will dramatically slip before 2025 to encourage you to make the switch.

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