About Helpdesk Communications Ltd

Helpdesk Comms Team

We've built a team of great people who want to help SME's get the most out of their telephone systems. To choose the right solution to meet their challenges and goals while realising a big financial return on investment.

Most of us have worked together in different companies in the past and have become very experienced and highly skilled in the telecoms market. We've come together to form a company to be proud of and we strive for excellence while delivering an exceptional service.

Dave Hamilton

Our MD, Dave Hamilton, has been in the telecoms business for 23 years and started Helpdesk Comms from his back bedroom in 2009. Since then he's experienced rapid growth in new customers and staff. He now employs 21 staff at the Head Office in Birmingham.

He says...

"My philosophy is to create a knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic environment for my staff because how they feel has a direct effect on how they make our customers feel. Thankfully, so far our customers appear to be remarkably happy - so I think it's working."

Helpdesk Comms Support

But it's not only about keeping people happy, it's about offering that bit extra! About being a bit different and using a bit more energy to help our customers and that's what we pride ourselves on.

So, we train our staff to look out for opportunities to enhance our systems with functionality to help you grow your business. They know the right questions to ask to understand your requirements and will deliver the right system for your business.

Helpdesk Comms Warehouse

Some of our customers have increased productivity by up to 35% by utilising some of the great new features that are available now - and the cloud technology gives us a valuable opportunity to makes substantial cost savings.

We've learnt a lot over the years and are in an ideal place to help you with your complete telecommunications package.

Cloud & Hosted Telephony